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Adobe Media Encoder is a tool for creating and editing video files. This application can be used to create videos from broadband sources such as TV, DVD, VCR or tape source, computer screen and external cameras.This software lets you make use of various features like multi-track output support and trimming clips. It enables you to pre-edit the speed of the video without compromising quality. Additionally, this software features multiple editing interfaces that give you flexibility in adjusting workflow processes.The fast preview feature enables you to monitor your output while making adjustments as per requirement without affecting file size. This software gives you the option of combining multiple video clips into different video project with minimal loss of image quality. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 enables you to make use of various effects like screen transitions, digital filters, title and watermarking features to enhance your videos.Cuts are made into individual tracks that can later be viewed as individual file. The tracks are then combined into the final video file which is saved in a unique format known as "Fusion". This software is available as a desktop application and as a web-based application. The desktop version is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. The web-based version is compatible with Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Flexibility to use Adobe Media Encoder can be achieved by using the different editions such as Standard Edition, Master Collection Edition, Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition.

This software supports 4K resolutions at 30 fps for video clips up to 10 minutes in length during export time of 5–6 minutes. This software provides real-time preview support during export making it easy to create quality videos that are less time consuming during the production process. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 supports multi-core processing to enhance encoding efficiency. This software supports batch processing, so you can export multiple video files simultaneously. This utility supports camera formats like dv, jpeg, tiff and png to capture images from the recording device. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 provides support for flash media players that play various video formats including flv, swf and mpeg-1. This software lets you convert videos into various file formats like flv, swf and mpeg-4 format. It is possible to change the rate of encoding by clicking on the drop down menu provided in order to select the required option based on your needs. This software supports a number of different file formats. It is possible to export files in a format that is compatible with HTML5, WordPress, Windows Media, YouTube and various other sites. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 provides support for previewing videos for the purpose of checking the final result after conversion is complete.Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 has an updated video stabilizer tool that enables you to mix your photos and videos together with stabilization that keeps the quality high. This software features an updated audio mixdown tool that can be used to mix audio clips into one file. These features enable you to reduce the light reflection in the background when recording videos in dark settings by minimizing noise caused by camera shake.


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